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Exemplary Global Consulting

Backpacker on outdoor adventure environmental program looks out over sunset or sunrise vista of mountains

Exemplary Global Consulting

About Viristar

Viristar is a consulting and training company that provides world-class services to outdoor, environmental and other organizations world-wide. 

Our areas of focus are:​

Viristar’s origins date to 2003 and a request to provide training to informal education specialists at a large education organization in California.  Since that time, Viristar staff have provided consulting and training services in over a dozen countries and demand has grown rapidly.

Jeff Baierlein, Director of outdoor program consulting and training organization Viristar LLC

Jeff A. Baierlein (pronouns: he/him) founded Viristar to provide the very best in consulting and training services to help outdoor and informal education organizations ignite their full potential. 


Jeff has over 30 years of experience with outdoor education, environmental education, adventure education and experiential education organizations in the US and around the world.  He led remote wilderness expeditions, worked as a naturalist-educator, served as an Emergency Medical Technician with ambulance services, led search and rescue missions, and was appointed to the Washington State Governor’s Council on Environmental Education.  He served as Executive Director of both the Boojum Institute for Experiential Education and the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound Center. His writing and lectures have been translated into Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Viristar team members world-wide bring a wide range of expert knowledge in diverse aspects of outdoor and environmental education, risk management and leadership.  

Download a copy of our brochure here.

Contact Viristar today to learn more or request a proposal for consulting or training services.

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