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Risk Management Advances In Outdoor Adventure:

An Historical Perspective from Maharashtra India

Association for Experiential Education webinar

March 23, 2022, 1 - 2 pm Eastern Time (UTC-4)

Scroll down for information about Outdoor Adventure Risk Management in India.

Pertaining to the webinar "Risk Management Advances in Outdoor Adventure: An Historical Perspective from Maharashtra India:"

Webinar Slide Presentation

Webinar description

Article: Outdoor Adventure Safety Regulations: A Case Study From Maharashtra

Article: Adventure Tourism and the Science of Risk Management

Article: Article: Risk Management in the Outdoors–A Look at Developments Through the Decades

(This article by Shantanu Pandit forms a basis, in part, for ideas expressed in the webinar.)

Article: Risk Management for Outdoor Programs—A Himalayan View

(This article, by Croatian mountaineer Vladimir Mesarić, explores additional ideas about safety development in the region.)

The web page and blog of webinar presenter Shantanu Pandit

Other resources that may be of interest:

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs

A 40-hour online training course covering related outdoor safety topics world-wide

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs: A Guide to Safety in Outdoor Education, Recreation and Adventure

A textbook covering some of the risk managment models discussed in the webinar

Viristar Risk Management Services flyer

An explanation of safety training and consulting services for additional information

Viristar education program development resources

Information on outdoor, adventure and experiential education consulting resources

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