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Adventure Tourism & the Science of Risk Management

Materials for a presentation on risk management theory and models

for adventure tourism organizations 

presented to 

College of the Rockies, Mountain Adventure Skills Training

November 16, 2021

From the presentation Adventure Tourism & the Science of Risk Management:

Part I

Self-Assessment 1: Use of Risk Management Models in Adventure Tourism Programs

Instructions for taking the self-assessment:  

  1. Click the link above to navigate to the survey.

  2. Fill in your name and the name of your organization.

  3. Answer each question be selecting a response from the drop-down menu:  Fully Met, Partially Met, Not Met, or Not Relevant.

  4. Cick the "Submit" button to submit your responses.

  5. Click the "Download PDF" button at the bottom of the results page to save a copy of your self-assessment results to your device.

Slide Presentation 1

Part II

Self-Assessment 2: Risk Management Infrastructure & Systems-Informed Design

Safety Culture Survey

Safety Culture video lecture presentation

Slide Presentation 2


Adventure Tourism and the Science of Risk Management article

Risk Management Review Activity:


Clich here to access information on the risk management review case study.

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