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Preparing for Your Course

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Risk Management course on February 21-23, 2020! We’re looking forward to your participation.



PowerPoint slides in notes format (English) are here.


Please review the information below and take the brief survey at the bottom of this page.



Preparing for the course


  • The course runs 9:00 am to approximately 5:30 pm each day. You may arrive at 8:30 am the first day to pick up course materials, etc. to be ready before class begins. The course site is National Sports University (Linkou), 250 Wenhua 1st Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City 33301 Taiwan.

  • 集合時間與地點:2020 年 02 月 21 日(五)0830-0900 (林口體育大學)

  • 結束時間與地點:2020 年 02 月 23 日(日)1730-1800 (林口體育大學)

  • 建議第一天可以在0830-0900之間抵達教室,確認上課相關的教材並且準備課程的開始。

  • 林口體育大學地址:333桃園市龜山區文化一路250號。

  • Directions to National Sports University are here. We will be in classroom number 537 in the Education Building. Take the elevator to the 5th floor.

  • 請自行前往林口體育大學,教學大樓537 教室。

  • 如何前往體育大學(請點選我)

  • 如何前往教學大樓537教室:搭電梯到5樓 右手邊第一間(廁所旁邊)。

  •  If you drive to the school, please do not park in reserved parking spots for teachers or school staff.

  • 校園內可停車,無需換證,但敬請停在停車格內,留意不要佔用教職員車格。

  • The school is not very close to amenities, but has a 7-11. 

  • 體大校園略微偏僻,內有7-11,如果擔心機能不便,可考慮住宿接近林口長庚附近。

  • Accommodation is not provided for this course. Click here for booking accommodations at the school's Education and Training Center.

  • 本次課程無提供住宿,如有需要可參考:體大校園內住宿(樸園教育訓練中心

  • The class will be principally indoors. Please bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone if possible so you can view electronic resources during class.

  • 課程原則上會是室內的課程,請準備桌上型的筆電或智慧型手機,因為我們將會閱讀線上的相關資料。

  • You may bring your organization’s risk assessments, Emergency Response Plan, Risk Management Plan or other documents to share if you wish, in paper or electronic format (optional).

  • 建議可以攜帶組織的風險評估表、緊急撤退計畫、風險管理計畫或其他您想和大家分享的文件,可以是紙本或是電子式的資料。

  • This is an intensive and information-filled class, with evening homework, so please have a clear schedule for three full days plus the evening in between.

  • 這堂課程將會是很多資料的一門課,還會有回家作業,所以請先事前規劃好課程結束後的時間規劃。

  • If you have time before class, please read the outdoor safety case study here (English) or here (中文). We will also have printed copies available for you at the training, and we’ll discuss the case study in class.

  • 請先閱讀課堂案例研討 點選我 ,而我們也會把紙本的資料在課堂的時候發送給大家,並且我們會在課堂中進行討論。

  • Please read the Viristar indemnity agreement here (English) or here (中文). Print, sign and bring to the first day of class. (Paper copies will also be available at the course.)

  • 請先閱讀Viristar課程同意書,(中文版本),並且印製出來與簽名,再帶到課堂上繳交給講師。

  • You can download a copy of the course schedule here (English) or here (中文).

  • 可以下載這堂課的課程表(中文

  • An electronic copy of the English language version of the course textbook is available to you (in Google Drive format) at You are encouraged, but not required, to read as much as possible before the course begins.

  • 課堂教科書(中文),鼓勵大家優先閱讀。 


  • Please take the survey below, to help us best understand your learning objectives for the course.

  • 麻煩先完成下方的課程前的調查,可以幫助我們了解到您上課的目的與協助您學習。

Thank you!


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