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Preparing for Your Course

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Risk Management course! We’re looking forward to your participation.


Please review the information below and take the brief survey at the bottom of this page.


Preparing for the course

  • The course runs 9:00 am to approximately 5:30 pm each day. You may arrive at 8:30 am the first day to pick up course materials, etc. to be ready before class begins. The course site is ISDISI,  47 Chotana Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Mueng, Chang Wat, in Chiang Mai.

  • The class will be principally indoors. Please bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone if possible so you can view electronic resources during class.

  • You may bring your organization’s risk assessments, Emergency Response Plan, Risk Management Plan or other documents to share if you wish, in paper or electronic format (optional).

  • This is an intensive and information-filled class, with evening homework, so please have a clear schedule for two full days plus the evening in between.

  • If you have time before class, please read the outdoor safety case study here. We will also have printed copies available for you at the training, and we’ll discuss the case study in class.

  • Please read the Viristar indemnity agreement here. Print, sign and bring to the first day of class. (Paper copies will also be available at the course.)

  • You can download a copy of the course schedule here.

  • Please take the survey below, to help us best understand your learning objectives for the course.

Thank you!

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