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Environmental Education Curriculum Development Training

Girl looking through binoculars at an object outdoors during environmental education program

Environmental Education Curriculum Development Training

EE Curr Dev Trng


Environmental Education Program Design: Best Practices and Standards



This training provides essential information on best practices and contemporary standards for high-quality environmental education programming.  Drawing from leading academic research and years of experience, our staff will introduce you to key program design elements and help you develop plans to integrate these principles into your environmental education programs.


Course Length

Sixteen hours over two days



Education Directors, Program Managers, Field Instructors, curriculum specialists and teachers



  1. Introduce best-practice design principles in environmental education

  2. Provide research-based approaches for effective program design

  3. Provide hands-on opportunities to work on integrating best practices into one’s existing curriculum and program design



  1. Evidence-based best practices in environmental education program design

  2. Understanding curriculum design, syllabus development, and lesson planning

  3. Evaluation and assessment: opportunities & limitations

  4. Scaffolding/constructivism approaches

  5. Integrating environmental education into adventure education & outdoor recreation



Experiential format including design practice sessions, presentations, and seminar-style discussions



Written materials including templates, examples, and best-practices guidelines are provided.



Certificate provided on successful completion of training program



Customized programs for groups with particular interests or needs are available on request.


Contact us for additional information or to request an Environmental Education Program Design training for your organization

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