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Expert Witness

Gavel and book used in court setting as part of expert witness for outdoor program proceeding

Expert Witness

Cons-Exp Witness

Subject matter expertise. Articulate, credible communication.


This is the powerful combination that Viristar brings to support your expert witness needs.


Viristar offers:

  • World-class expertise

  • Decades of industry experience

  • Background in expert witness, incident review, and risk management review work


We deliver compelling testimony with clarity, precision and credibility. Our ability to convey convincing knowledge in the courtroom earns the trust of judges and jurors.

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Specific Areas of Expertise

  • Outdoor education and outdoor schools

  • Wilderness travel

  • Experiential education and adventure education

  • Outdoor recreation

  • Backcountry travel

  • International treks & expeditions

  • Adventure travel & adventure tourism

  • International travel programming (travel abroad)

  • Summer camps & trip-and-travel programs

  • Wilderness medicine/remote medicine


Our expertise includes outdoor and experiential activities such as:

  • Rock climbing

  • Flatwater canoeing

  • Whitewater canoeing

  • Sea kayaking

  • Canyoneering

  • Abseiling/rappelling

  • Backpacking

  • Ice climbing

  • Service learning

  • Conservation corps

  • Trekking

  • Whitewater kayaking

  • Ropes course/challenge course

  • Caving

  • Mountaineering


Viristar brings experience as expert witness with issues including:

  • Activity-specific standards

  • Training

  • Documentation

  • Safety planning

  • Drug and alcohol

  • Emergency response

  • Outdoor safety policy, procedure & protocol

  • Wilderness medicine certification/qualification

  • Incident causation

  • Site assessment, risk assessment & hazard assessment

  • Supervision and staff-to-participant ratios

  • Backcountry and wilderness travel

  • Public and charter school outdoor education & experiential education

Credibility and Influence: The Viristar Difference


An effective expert witness has to have more than the right credentials and relevant experience. The expert witness has to not just provide the proper content during testimony, but bring the credibility that will successfully persuade judges and jurors. They must be a skillful educator for the jury—clear, consistent and compelling.


This is where Viristar can bring extraordinary value to your case.


Viristar's expert witness can provide the credibility and influence necessary for your civil or criminal case by bringing:



  • Education credentials, publications, and experience

  • Ability to explain complex concepts with precision and clarity

  • Confidence and an appropriate level of professional assertiveness

  • Familiarity with the details of your case and command of the relevant facts



  • Consistency and clarity in explanations

  • Carefully linking detailed, factual industry knowledge to the unique circumstances of the case

  • Patient, sincere, yet authoritative approach

  • Nonverbal communication cues such as eye contact to enhance credibility



  • Using easy-to-understand analogies and examples to make complex concepts come alive for the jury

  • Dynamic communication and a clear mastery of the subject matter

  • Likeability through professional friendliness, strategic humility, respect, and use of informal language and tone

Viristar’s lead expert witness is Viristar’s founder and director, Jeff Baierlein.


Jeff Baierlein has over 30 years’ experience in wilderness, travel, experiential and outdoor programming, in roles ranging from field instructor to Executive Director. Jeff has been involved in a wide variety of technical and non-technical outdoor activities, from mountaineering to sailing, climbing and whitewater boating, and has experience working in 16 countries on four continents.


Jeff, qualified under the US Federal Rule of Evidence 702, has expert witness experience, including with multiple fatalities during wilderness travel, and complex multi-person incidents. In addition, Jeff is an experiential adventure accreditation reviewer with the Association for Experiential Education and a former Executive Director with Outward Bound and other nonprofits. He has experience in leading incident reviews (including with serious and fatal injuries) and risk management reviews of outdoor programs in multiple countries. He is the author of the authoritative text on outdoor safety, Risk Management for Outdoor Programs: A Guide to Safety in Outdoor Education, Recreation and Adventure. Jeff has degrees in Environmental Education and in Human Development as well as an M.S. in Management.


Other Services


In addition to expert witness services, Viristar also offers:

  • Incident reviews/accident investigation and evaluation

  • Professional written expert reports

  • Risk management reviews

  • Expert guidance on industry standards and best practices for outdoor, adventure, wilderness, travel and experiential education and recreation programming


Contact us for further information or to request expert witness services.

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