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Advanced Risk Management

Participants in an Advanced Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training course raising their hands

Advanced Risk Management

Advanced Risk Management

Advanced Risk Management

Adv RM Training


This training provides detailed guidance and structures for outdoor professionals in leadership roles to evaluate, design, and improve risk management systems.


Course Length

32 hours over four days



Program Managers, Risk Management officers, Risk Management/Safety Committee members, members of Boards of Directors, executive leadership



  1. Provide detailed guidance, access to standards, best practices information, templates and sample plans for development of a comprehensive, best-in-class risk management system for outdoor programs

  2. Provide a forum for administrators, managers, and executive leaders to discuss contemporary issues with their peers and with content experts

  3. Provide extended hands-on engagement with current case studies, emerging issues, and simulations of real-life risk management situations

  4. Provide resources and guidance for further education and information


Sample Syllabus

  1. Overview of outdoor program risk management

  2. Attitude, Judgment, and Culture

  3. Risk Transfer

  4. Legal considerations

  5. Liability insurance

  6. Activities and Program Areas

  7. Staff selection, hiring and supervision

  8. Equipment selection, management & retirement

  9. Participant screening and supervision

  10. Subcontractor management

  11. Incident response and follow-up

  12. Incident reporting and analysis

  13. Transportation and vehicle risk management

  14. Safety Reviews

  15. Incident Reviews

  16. Media Relations

  17. Documentation

  18. Standards, Accreditation & Regulation

  19. Further resources, networks, and continuing education



Experiential, hands-on format with case studies, presentations, emergency simulations, media relations activities, management plan development and review, and seminar-style discussions



Extensive written materials, including best practice standards, templates, sample procedures, examples of forms and policies, and information on further resources, provided.



Certificate provided on successful completion of training program



Customized programs for groups with particular interests or needs are available on request.


Contact us for additional information or to request an Advanced Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training for your organization.

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