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Incident Review

Individuals discussing an outdoor program safety incident review

Incident Review

Cons-Inc Review

Viristar’s Incident Review service provides organizations that have experienced a significant safety incident with a careful, expert analysis of the incident and detailed written recommendations on steps to reduce the probability of incident recurrence.


External incident reviews are commonly held after an organization providing outdoor programming experiences a fatality, a permanently disabling injury or illness, or major property damage.  External reviews complement internal reviews conducted by the organization, providing a valuable additional viewpoint on causation and future prevention.


The Incident Review process generally includes:


  • Client organization provides Viristar with all relevant written documentation regarding the incident, including Incident Reports, Internal Incident Review report, police report, and event narratives.  Client organization also provides all relevant risk management documentation, such as course area guides, staff training plans, and emergency response plans.

  • Viristar's External Review team interview individuals involved and management staff, review relevant documentation, and conduct other appropriate investigative actions as needed.

  • As distancing and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit, Viristar’s External Review team of one or more Viristar staff and any required outside technical specialists visit the interview site for on-site analysis.

  • Viristar prepares confidential report for client detailing findings, analysis and recommendations. 

  • Viristar provides draft report to client and time for review by client management team.

  • Following client feedback, Viristar issues final confidential report to client.


This process generally takes several weeks; the specific timeline depends on factors including location and magnitude of incident.

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Michelle Kloet,

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

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Viristar's Incident Review of a fatal ice climbing avalanche incident provided important and helpful insights, both for the survivors of the incident and for the mountain guiding industry in Canada. Viristar's report is being used as a template to navigate policy changes…Viristar’s report was instrumental in ensuring these changes are being made.

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Contact us for further information or to request an external Incident Review for your organization.

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