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Continuing Medical Education 


for: Paramedics in Africa


January 22, 2022

Date and time:

  • 22nd January, 2022

  • 2 hours

  • See start time for your time zone below



  • Hypothermia, heat exhaustion, heat stroke

  • Exercise-associated hyponatremia

  • Cold injuries: frostbite, trenchfoot, chilblains, Raynaud's phenomenon

  • Drowning

  • Altitude: HACE, HAPE

Curriculum materials provided courtesy of Wilderness Medical Associates.​


Jeff Baierlein, MS, NREMT-B, Wilderness EMT. Jeff Baierlein has been an EMT since 1993 and provided patient care with multiple ambulance services in the USA. He has been a member of backcountry Search and Rescue teams in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Washington state USA, and has performed rescues in the USA and Asia. Jeff has been instructing wilderness medicine courses in 16 countries since 1997. Jeff is the director of Viristar, a consultancy providing wilderness medicine courses, outdoor safety training, and other services to clients in dozens of countries worldwide.

To join:

Join the two-hour CME session by Zoom on January 22 using these details: 

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 896 9735 2049

Passcode: 98155

This CME session is offered at no charge to participants.

If you are working as a paramedic in a country in Africa and are not yet part of the Paramedics in Africa WhatsApp group, and wish to join, you may request to join the group here.

Start time:

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Other Resources:

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Risk Management for Outdoor Programs textbook: print and e-book resource for wilderness, trekking, safari & experiential programs

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Watch the recording of the CME session here.

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