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Important information to help you get started

The Viristar Partner program is an opportunity for select organizations to add industry-leading outdoor safety training courses to their roster of program offerings. This can enhance your reputation as a source of valuable resources for outdoor and experiential professionals. It can make outdoor safety trainings more accessible to more people, through enhanced visibility and our robust discount program. And it can earn you revenue to support your organization’s programs and mission.


The Viristar Partner program is designed to be easy to use and extremely flexible in meeting your needs.


We’ve outlined a number of details below to orient you to the program. If you have any questions, or wish to enroll, contact us by email at, at +1 206 483 8050, or using the webform below.



Course Registration


As a Viristar Partner, you conduct outreach to make individuals aware of Viristar course offerings, and encourage them to enroll. But who handles the course enrollment process, collecting participant details and tuition? Either you or Viristar—whichever you prefer.


Option 1: Viristar handles course registration


In this arrangement, Viristar collects registration information, completes the sale, collects the tuition, and pays to Partner the Partner portion of revenue.


The Viristar Partner directs prospective participants to a site on the Viristar e-commerce platform linked to the Partner organization, where individuals enroll in a course at the price set by the Partner.


Viristar pays the Partner the difference between the Partner Price and the price the enrollee paid (less any bank or payment fees), if the enrollee price is higher than the Partner Price.


This option applies to individual enrollments in a regularly scheduled Viristar course. This does not apply to custom courses for the Partner organization, or for when the Partner bundles enrollment in a Viristar risk management course with other products the Partner sells through their own portal.


Option 2: Viristar Partner handles course registration


In this arrangement, the Viristar Partner collects registration information, completes the sale, collects the tuition, and pays Viristar for Viristar’s portion of revenue.


The Viristar Partner sells enrollment in the course through the Partner’s own commerce platform, at a price set by the Partner.


The Partner can bundle the course with other products, for example selling the Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course as an extension of the Partner’s annual conference event.


The Partner logs on to the Viristar portal for partners, and purchases the appropriate number of enrollments in the selected course at the Partner Price. This normally occurs weekly or more often, so that participants can be promptly enrolled in the course and gain access to readings and other course materials to begin pre-course study.


Partners can do this for regularly scheduled Viristar courses, adding Partner’s participants to any other participants enrolled on that course. Partners may also do this for a custom course, such as one with unique times and dates set by the Partner, or a closed enrollment training available only to members of the Partner’s team or group.


Scheduled and Custom Courses


Regularly scheduled courses


Viristar typically runs a Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course each month. Viristar Partners can direct participants to those previously scheduled courses.


These courses typically have classes that meet once a week for several weeks, with independent work in between. Two separate cohorts of the class exist: a group that has live sessions at 11:00 am New York time, and a separate group that meets for video-conference sessions at 11:00 am Singapore time.


Promoting these courses to prospective participants is often the easiest, since dates and logistics are already established.


There is no minimum enrollment for Viristar Partners associated with these regularly scheduled courses.


Custom courses


A Viristar Partner may wish to establish a custom course for their group.


For instance, a Partner might want to hold a course to start or end during a particular time, like January Term or Lunar New Year, that does not coincide with the dates of a regularly schedule course.


Or, a Partner might want to establish a course that meets at a specific time, for example 11:00 am India time, to be convenient for the schedule of a particular group.


To establish a course with custom dates or times, a minimum enrollment of 12 participants is typically required.


Open Enrollment or Closed Enrollment


All regularly scheduled Viristar Risk Management for Outdoor Programs courses are offered on an open enrollment basis. This means that anyone (meeting basic eligibility requirements like minimum fluency in the language of instruction) is able to enroll.


Viristar Partners may also establish a closed course, available only to members of their group. For example, a large outdoor program may wish to establish a course just for their employees, where conversations can be focused on topics relative to that organization’s activities and procedures.


Or, for instance, a group may wish to restrict enrollment to registered participants in their annual conference.


Organization of a closed enrollment course typically requires a guaranteed minimum of 12 participants.


See the Viristar FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

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