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  • How Does Viristar Support Promotion?
    Viristar provides Partners with a wide variety of promotional material suitable for electronic or print use. Partners may use any of these materials, at their option. These items include: Videos Flyers Syllabus Testimonials Course descriptions Logos Images Viristar is also happy to host educational webinars describing the features and benefits of courses, on your request, to explain the training experience to individuals in your network who are interested to learn more. We also promote all Viristar courses on our website, and through advertisements and social media. And we are happy to share ideas and tips for effective course marketing with you.
  • What Are My Promotion Responsibilities?
    You can advertise the course as little or as much as you wish, to whatever market segments you care to target. Generally, the more high-quality marketing you conduct, the greater return you'll see. You should plan to answer questions from prospective participants about the course, and take appropriate steps to qualify prospects and move them towards closure. However, much of this is common-sense and doesn't require special skills. And we're always here to help answer questions if needed. As noted elsewhere, once the prospective participant you've identified and cultivated is ready to close, you can handle the final purchase transaction if you wish, or we can handle the sales transaction, including obtaining registration details and accepting payment.
  • Is There A Commitment?
    The relationship between Viristar and Viristar Partners can be ended by either party at any time.
  • Are there Minimum Enrollment Requirements?
    There are no minimum enrollment requirements for registering participants on open enrollment courses. Custom courses (special dates/times or closed enrollment) generally require a minimum of 12 participants.
  • Are There Up Front Costs?
    No. You are responsible for expenses related to promotion, such as staff time connected to social media posts, and any sales activity in which you choose to engage (if you wish to handle sales rather than have Viristar manage them). Viristar does not charge a fee for participation in the Viristar Partner program.
  • What Are the Parameters on the Course Price a Viristar Partner Can Offer?
    A Viristar Partner can offer any price they wish. For the hypothetical example of a course with list price $10 and made available to a Viristar Partner for $8, the Partner could charge less than $8, in effect partly or fully subsidizing the course for participants; between $8 and $10, providing a discount to the participant and/or a share of tuition revenue to the Partner, or more than $10.
  • What is the Discount Rate Available to Viristar Partners?
    If you are seriously considering becoming a Viristar Partner, please contact us to discuss discount rate details.
  • Who May Be a Viristar Partner?
    This partnership opportunity is available to organizations active in experiential, outdoor, wilderness, travel, risk management, or adventure fields. It is not available to individuals. Viristar reserves the right to exclude applicants from the program, for example to prevent market conflict.
  • What Are the Payment Terms?
    Payments from Viristar to Viristar Partners for their portion of accrued tuition revenue collected by Viristar are made monthly. Payments from Viristar Partners for Viristar’s portion of accrued tuition revenue collected by Viristar Partners are also due monthly.
  • Is This an Exclusive Agreement?
    No. It is possible to have multiple Viristar Partners, and the Viristar Partner agreement is non-exclusive.
  • Who is the Target Audience for Courses?
    The Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course is designed for program managers and leaders with administrative or governance responsibilities. The course is not targeted to on-the-ground field staff (those who exclusively work directly with activity participants), although some may find it useful.
  • To What Kinds of Organizations Does the Course Apply?
    The Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course is relevant for leaders of outdoor, experiential, wilderness, travel-based and adventure programs. Organizations responsible for wilderness risk management, addressing hazards of international travel, and even indoor experiential adventures such as climbing walls will find the course useful. The course is applicable to leaders with organizations involved with adventure tourism, outdoor recreation, outdoor education, service learning, and specialty programs like the International Baccalaureate (IB) Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, International Youth Award, Hillary Award, and Award for Young People. Participants from independent schools (private schools), international schools, Gap Year and semester abroad programs, search and rescue, and wilderness therapy programs have found the course beneficial. So have individuals from therapeutic recreation, outdoor adventure, study abroad and environmental conservation/environmental education organizations.
  • For Which Viristar Trainings Does this Apply?
    The Viristar Partner program is available for Viristar’s multi-week online Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course at this time. Other online and in-person courses will be included in the program as they are available.
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