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  • Jeff Baierlein

Outdoor Forum for South East Asian Schools (OFFSEAS) Partners with Viristar on Risk Management

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course available at a discount

The Outdoor Forum for South East Asian Schools (OFFSEAS) and Viristar are partnering to provide outdoor risk management training and resources to international schools and other education organizations in South East Asia and beyond.

OFFSEAS offers a comprehensive, 40-hour Risk Management for Outdoor Programs online course, facilitated by Viristar, at a 10 percent discount off the regular price. The discounted rate is made possible by special arrangement between OFFSEAS and Viristar.

The course, which is generally offered each month, takes place over four weeks. The training has five video-conference calls, one week apart, with independent study in between. Topics include systems-informed approaches to prevention and response, safety standards, laws, emergency management, staff and equipment considerations, and much more.

The discounted rate and more information can be accessed at

About OFFSEAS and Viristar

OFFSEAS, founded in Singapore in 2011, was organized to promote good practice and benefit to children studying at international and other schools and colleges in the region. It is now the largest gathering of outdoor minds in Asia. OFFSEAS’ mission is to promote outdoor and experiential learning throughout South East Asia by sharing resources, technical knowledge and general good practice of its members whilst engaging positively with commercial providers and local governments to improve standards for the benefit of all students.

OFFSEAS offers an annual gathering of its members for collaboration and resource sharing, ongoing dialogue between education institutions, collaboration with third-party providers on health and safety standards, and a variety of outdoor-oriented training seminars and workshops.

Viristar provides consulting and training services to experiential, outdoor, education and non-profit organizations world-wide. Viristar has provided its acclaimed risk management trainings for international and independent schools in Thailand, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, China, and Australia.

Also: OFFSEAS Annual Gathering May 7-8 2021

The marquee OFFSEAS event each year is a gathering of outdoor and experiential program leaders from schools in South East Asia and elsewhere. While the Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training is offered each month, the annual get-together brings together over 100 outdoor professionals to network and share resources about curriculum, pedagogy, safety, logistics, equity & inclusion, and much more.

Viristar will be presenting a one-hour workshop at the event, entitled “Risk Management for Outdoor Providers.” This will summarize key concepts from the flagship Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course, and invite session participants to compare their operations with established safety standards.

Many other exciting presentations will be available from leading outdoor program experts. To learn more or enroll in OFFSEAS 2021, held May 7-8 2021 at Harrow International School in Bangkok Thailand, and also available as an online event, go to


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