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  • Jeff Baierlein

Viristar and The Hutong Partner to Bring Outdoor Safety Training to China and Beyond

Risk Management Courses to Boost Safety & Quality of Outdoor & Experiential Programmes

Viristar and The Hutong, a Beijing-based education and training organization, are collaborating to bring training courses on risk management for experiential and outdoor programs to members of The Hutong’s network in China and throughout East Asia and the world.

The Hutong is making available comprehensive, four-week trainings to its community members at a discount, increasing the accessibility of training opportunities to international schools and program providers in China and elsewhere.

The Hutong Managing Director Josh Kernan stated, “We’re very pleased to make these training opportunities available. The Hutong has a long history of expertise in providing exceptional learning experiences in Beijing and throughout China--from culinary classes and cultural experiences to corporate events and education programs. We’re happy to add high quality risk management trainings to our roster of services. We know that leaders responsible for organizing and leading experiential, travel and outdoor programmes will be eager to take advantage of this opportunity.”

The trainings, facilitated by Viristar, will help organizations that provide outdoor, adventure, travel-based and experiential programs successfully manage risks of those programs.

The rigorous courses are four weeks long. They combine online self-study with group work and seminar-style video-conference calls. Topics include safety culture, best practice standards, COVID-19, systems thinking, and more. Trainings are offered in English at this time, with Mandarin-language course coming soon.

Viristar Director Jeff Baierlein stated, “We are delighted to bring our comprehensive safety trainings to The Hutong’s community. Outdoor, adventure, wilderness and travel professionals around the world have benefited from Viristar’s risk management courses, and we know that international schools and others in The Hutong’s network will find great value in them as well.”

Individuals wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in an outdoor risk management training at a discount can learn more at

The Hutong (北京融汇通文化传播有限公司) is Beijing's premier culture exchange center, and more. Renowned for guiding international students through one of the world's oldest and most fascinating civilizations, The Hutong offers on-campus experiences for students, open enrollment events during school breaks, popular adult programs such as Yunnan bike expeditions, and corporate Learning & Development trainings and team-building programmes. Since 2006, The Hutong has offered programs from Beijing and Shanghai to Sichuan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.


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