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  • Jeff Baierlein

Viristar Offers Risk Management Training at Wilderness Education Association Conference

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs Post-Conference Training Complements Other WEA Offerings

Viristar is pleased to be providing a 40-hour Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training as part of the Wilderness Education Association’s annual International Conference on Outdoor Leadership.

The risk management training is a post-conference event, and is held March 2-30, 2022. Information on WEA’s post-conference events is here.

The International Conference on Outdoor Leadership, held by the WEA since 2007, brings together hundreds of outdoor leaders each year to build professionalism within the outdoor leadership field. The 2022 event, held February 9-12 in North Carolina USA, includes a Certified Outdoor Educator Clinic, workshops, technical outdoor skills trainings, and keynote presentations.

Detailed information on WEA’s ICOL 2022 conference is here.

Viristar’s Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training is online, and takes place over four weeks. The course includes weekly video-conference calls, generally 90 minutes long, with seminar-style discussion and participant presentations. In between are independent work periods, featuring video lecture presentations, readings, online discussion forums, case studies, quizzes, scenarios, and more.

A longstanding Viristar-WEA Connection

The Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course has been provided to participants in 40 countries worldwide. One of the first people to experience the course was WEA Organizational Member Dr. Guan-Jang Wu, Department Chair of the Department of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management at National Taiwan Sport University, and head of the Global Outdoor Adventure Leadership program there.

Dr. Wu said of the course, "The intensive and systematic risk management program got me to rethink and redesign my personal and organizational risk management plans. It's stimulating, useful and practical. I highly recommend it to field instructors and program managers."

In addition to being accessible to members of WEA’s 2022 conference, the Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training has been offered as a pre/post-conference event with other association conferences, including those of the Association for Experiential Education and the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education. More information on the RMOP training is here.

About the Wilderness Education Association

The mission of the WEA is to advance the professionalism of outdoor leaders through standards, training, and credentialing.

WEA, founded in 1977, provides professional development opportunities, a set of standards expected of qualified outdoor leaders, certified trainings for outdoor leaders and educators, and an accreditation process for outdoor education programs. Through its work, WEA has advanced its vision of a tradition of excellence and professionalism in outdoor education and leadership.

More information about the Wilderness Education Association is here.


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