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  • Jeff Baierlein

Viristar Presents at Outdoor Forum for South East Asian Schools

OFFSEAS@SAS hosted virtually by Singapore American School

Viristar was pleased to participate in the Outdoor Forum for Southeast Asian Schools, hosted by Singapore American School on May 19.

OFFSEAS@SAS featured close to 100 participants from international schools, outdoor and experiential education providers, and consulting and training services based in Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Australia, India, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Nepal, and New Zealand.

As schools across South East Asia are looking to dust off long-dormant outdoor and travel programs, it was time to re-connect schools, providers and advisers, and get refreshed on program practices and opportunities.

Some of the participants at OFFSEAS@SAS

Viristar’s Director Jeff Baierlein gave a short presentation “Risk Management and Returning to Trips & Outdoor Programs.” The presentation covered safety points to remember as domestic and international travel resume.

It included a reminder about the factors that lead to incident causation, and how to use resilience engineering and other systems-informed practices to help ensure excellence in safety outcomes.

The OFFSEAS event was also a great opportunity for the Viristar team to reconnect with friends and past clients including Singapore American School, Indier Outdoor Education, Innotrek, Little Planet, UWC East Asia, Ecofieldtrips, Asia Pacific Adventure, Tanglin Trust School, and many others.

Members of the OFFSEAS community are eligible for a 10% discount on Viristar’s Risk Management for Outdoor Programs training by using discount code OFFSEAS2021 at

Viristar is looking forward to the next—and hopefully in-person—OFFSEAS event!


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