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  • Jeff Baierlein

Viristar Talks with Australian Outdoor Educators About Experiential Education at Inside the Outhaus

Viristar was the guest presenter at the most recent bi-weekly conversation of Inside the Outhaus, a forum that brings together outdoor educators from Australia and around the world.

The theme of the hour-long virtual gathering was “AEE International Conference Showcase.” We reviewed the 52nd annual International Conference of the Association for Experiential Education, where Viristar staff presented on “How to Write a Risk Management Plan” and had an exhibition hall booth, and which Outhaus leadership attended virtually.

Dom Courtney, Executive Officer of Outdoor Queensland, and who has served as Board President of the Outdoor Council of Australia, raised the question of whether outdoor education programs present at the AEE conference have been modified due to the global climate crisis.

This led into a discussion of the benefits of hybrid conferencing for the outdoor community, including the lower carbon footprint of online meetings. The discussion turned to the 2024 AEE conference, to be held in Colorado USA in conjunction with the fifth LGBTQ Outdoor Summit. The upcoming National Outdoor Education Conference (NOEC) in Victoria Australia December 4-6 2024 was discussed, along with the next Outdoors Queensland event.

Upcoming conferences in the USA (AEE) and Australia (NOEC).

India-based Madhavi Nathan, who serves on the leadership council of the Asia-Pacific Region of AEE, talked about furthering connections in the Asia-Pacific experiential education community, and the 2024 AEE Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in India.

The value and future of accreditation in the outdoor experiential education sector in Australia and the need for professional development funding to support conference attendance were also discussed.

Viristar’s Jeff Baierlein, the episode’s guest presenter, has served on the AEE Board of Directors, and as regional treasurer, conference presenter, exhibitor, and regional council member with AEE over the last 24 years.

Inside the Outhaus is a community forum designed to connect the outdoor education community in Australia and beyond. The Outhaus facilitates a bi-monthly discussion on outdoor and experiential education topics, provides a resource library of videos, and fosters connections amongst members of the outdoor community.

Discussions kick off at 4:13 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Queensland), and all outdoor and experiential educators are invited to attend.

Inside the Outhaus and Viristar

Viristar was a guest presenter on a previous webinar with Inside the Outhaus, discussing risk management in outdoor education.

Viristar and ITOH also have a collaboration where members of the Inside the Outhaus community can access Viristar’s risk management training course for outdoor, adventure, travel and experiential programs at a discount.


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