Risk Management for Outdoor Programs

Two-day Training Course for Outdoor Professionals


May 13-14, 2020


Tanglin Trust School, 95 Portsdown Road Singapore


  • Gain critical knowledge of best practices in outdoor program risk management

  • Learn procedures, systems and plans essential to meeting key outdoor safety standards

  • Understand how to apply successful risk management strategies to adventure programs, experiential education, wilderness expeditions, and outdoor trips



  • Risk Management Planning

  • Emergency and Incident Management

  • Equipment, Staff, and Program Areas

  • Activity Selection

  • Participant Management & Medical Screening

  • Transportation

  • Subcontractors

  • Risk Management Standards

  • Safety and Incident Reviews

  • Safety Culture & Systems Thinking

  • And Much More


This two-day outdoor safety class is a pre-conference workshop preceding the OFFSEAS (Outdoor Forum for Southeast Asian Schools) event in May 2020 in Singapore. Participation in the OFFSEAS conference is not required in order to enroll in the Risk Management training.

Valuable for

Program Coordinators/Managers, Risk Management officers, Risk Management/Safety Committee members, members of Boards of Directors, executive leadership, Teachers leading or assisting outdoor programmes


Hands-on experiential format including case studies, presentations, and seminar discussions. Extensive written materials provided, including the textbook Risk Management for Outdoor Programs: A Guide to Safety in Outdoor Education, Recreation, and Adventure, covering best practice standards, templates, sample procedures, and information on further resources.


From Viristar Risk Management.  Valid for three years.



Jeff Baierlein, Director, Viristar Risk Management; past Executive Director at Outward Bound USA. 




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