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About Viristar

Viristar’s Sustainability Statement

At Viristar, environmental sustainability and social justice are at the core of who we are and what we do.


We provide services that help our clients connect people with nature, provide life-affirming educational experiences, and be more effective in making the world a better place through the work they do.


And we do this in a way that supports environmental sustainability and an equitable society, to the greatest extent possible.


Practices at Viristar which support our environmental and social aims include:


Minimize Environmental Impact


  • Reduce travel through engaging with clients and co-workers online whenever possible

  • Use “paperless office” practices to reduce and eliminate paper document use

  • Employ remote work from home offices, reducing commuting and office impacts


Foster Positive Change


  • Develop and disseminate training resources on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Provide environmental education training and consulting

  • Provide extensive scholarships to persons from low-resource communities and to members of historically and currently disenfranchised groups

  • Provide financial and in-kind donations to nonprofits supporting environmental and social causes

  • Actively support diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace through inclusive hiring practices, equitable leave benefits, non-discrimination policy, and other action to foster a welcoming work environment

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