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Risk Management

Gain critical knowledge and strategic insights for your organization through Viristar’s Risk Management trainings and consultancy services.

Viristar provides a suite of training solutions and custom consulting services to support organizations in managing their risk to the highest standards.

Viristar provides a suite of training solutions and custom consulting services 

to support organizations in managing their risk to the highest standards.


Training (RM)

Risk Management for Outdoor Programs


Online Training Course


For travel, experiential, wilderness, adventure and outdoor programs

Viristar's Risk Management for Outdoor Programs course provides a comprehensive training on safety management for professionals in the experiential, outdoor, wilderness, adventure and travel context. Topics include laws, safety standards, human factors, equipment, transportation, insurance, audits, systems thinking, and much more.

The course take place over four weeks consists of five video-conference sessions, spaced one week apart. The first live session is 45 minutes in length; the remaining four are 90 minutes each. In between live calls are one-week Independent Work Periods. Participants complete independent work including readings, video presentations, quizzes, discussion forums, video-based role-play simulations, assessments, and writing assignmentsl such as a Risk Management Plan outline. Participants present their work and discuss in seminar format during live video-conference sessions. Independent work takes about 10-12 hours a week to complete. 

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An insightful look into risk domains and tools. Well-structured and expertly facilitated...a great way to gain multiple perspectives and share knowledge and ideas.

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Louise Melville, Coordinator of Experiential Learning, St. Clement's School

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(RM) Consultng

COVID-19 RIsk Management for Outdoor Programs

Free Online Training Course

This free online training covers important elements of safety management for outdoor, experiential, wilderness, travel-based and adventure programs addressing threats from COVID-19. Training elements include best practices for infection control and sources of additional information. 

Access this free training here.


Viristar's risk management training and consulting services are designed for leaders and managers in outdoor education, experiential education, adventure education, outdoor recreation, and travel and adventure professions.

Viristar's services are focused on supporting outdoor education providers, independent schools, international schools, park and recreation agencies, adventure tourism organizations, and travel and adventure providers


Focus areas of training and consulting content include wilderness risk management, risk management plan development, and risk assessment and safety management best practice.

Download the Viristar Risk Management Fact Sheet here summarizing our risk management consulting and training services.

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