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Integrating Environmental Education Curriculum Into Adventure Education Programs

presented at the 

Association for Experiential Education--Asia Pacific Regional Conference

June 14, 2023 

Scroll down for information about environmental education best practices for outdoor adventure education programs.

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From the workshop Integrating Environmental Education Curriculum Into Adventure Education Programs:

Part I

Slide Presentation 1

Part II

Slide Presentation 2

Self-Assessment (Word doc)

Additional Information on Environmental Education

Additional Information on Education

Other resources that may be of interest:

Viristar Risk Management risk management training

Viristar education program development resources

Viristar wilderness medicine training

Resources for environmental education:

North American Association for Environmental Education

Well-regarded source of high-quality environmental education resources, with regional affiliates


Global Environmental Education Partnership

A global network of environmental education organizations


Journal of Environmental Education
Leading academic journal on environmental education research


Hungerford, Harold R & Center for Instruction, Staff Development and Evaluation. Essential Readings in Environmental Education. (3rd Ed.) Stipes Publishing, 2005.

Complication of important articles on environmental education



Environmental education resources from NAAEE


Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education

Environmental education standards


Belgrade Charter

Seminal definition of environmental education

Tbilisi Declaration

Seminal document describing environmental education objectives


Our Common Future (Brundtland Report)

Provides environmental sustainability definition


Harold R. Hungerford & Trudi L. Volk (1990) Changing Learner Behavior Through Environmental Education, The Journal of Environmental Education, 21:3, 8-21, DOI: 10.1080/00958964.1990.10753743

Influential article on research findings regarding effective environmental education programs

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