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Risk Management for Outdoor Programs


Training for Nagano adventure guides, December 6-7, 2023


Resources for Course Participants

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Download a syllabus here.

Slide Presentations


Slide presentations from the course are available here.

(Slide content subject to change)

Systems Thinking

Case study: Mangatepopo Gorge incident (PDF)

Alternate format: Mangatepopo Gorge incident (blog format)

Worksheet: use paper form or online worksheet


1)  Review your case study

Group A: Case Study 1:  Africa Outdoor Education Centre Incident

Group B & D: Case Study 2:  UK SUP Drowning Incident

Group C: Case Study 3:  USA Zipline Incident 

Group A              

オオヌマカズヒコ        Kazuhiko Onuma

タムラシゲキ  Shigeki Tamura

オジマ スミエ Sumie Ojima


Group B               

ミウラケン       Ken Miura

ヨシダサトキ  Satoki Yoshida

ナカエ アキコ Akiko Nakae


Group C               

ナガシマ ミキ Miki Nagashima

ウエダ アヤコ Ayako Ueda

ナカムラ ユウキ           Yuki Nakamura           


Group D              

マツクラミク  Miku Matsukura

カンタケ ユウコ            Yuko Kantake

スギモト タツロウ       Tatsuro Sugimoto


1)  What happened?

2)  What were causal factors? (What things led to the incident occurring?)

3)  What should adventure guides in Japan do to help prevent a similar incident from occurring?

(In class, on day 2:

Group A (Africa) and Group B (SUP) will present to each other

Group C (Zipline) and Group D (SUP) will present to each other)

2)  Complete self-assessments (documenting notes not necessary)

Self-assessment 1: Standards & Laws

Self-assessment 2: Risk Domains

Self-assessment 3: Risk Management Instruments

3) Prepare Risk Management Plan Table of Contents or outline (see examples below)


4) Review textbook (as time permits)

Sample Risk Management Plans


Experiential Education Program, Thailand


Adventure Tourism Program (kite surfing), Portugal

Safety Culture


Online Safety Culture survey

Strategic Improvement Plan

Online Strategic Improvement Plan form here.


(PDF version here.)

Incident for Incident Report Activity


Incident for Incident Report completion exercise:

use Incident Management case study (see homework, above), or use:

Lyme Bay incident

Other Resources That May Be of Interest

Viristar Risk Management risk management training

Article: Adventure Tourism & the Science of Risk Management

Information on psychological risk management

Information on outdoor safety and considerations of diversity, equity and inclusion

Viristar blog with additional resources for outdoor programs

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