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Partner with Viristar

  • Provide risk management training opportunities


  • Offer discounts to your group or others


  • Earn revenue for each enrollment

Earn revenue and help people access high-quality outdoor safety training at an attractive discounted rate, when you promote Viristar courses to your group or the public.


Welcome to the Viristar Partner Program.

How It Works



You promote Viristar courses. Simply share training opportunities with your group—like your staff, members or clientele. Or promote courses to the public. Or to everybody.


We’ll help. Viristar will provide you with extensive marketing materials you can use. And on your request, we’ll host educational webinars to introduce your network to Viristar course offerings.


Course Enrollment


You can choose the option that works best for you:

  • You direct the enrollee to the Viristar course registration website to complete registration and pay the tuition.

  • Or, the enrollee completes registration and payment with you on your website.




Whether enrollment is handled by you or by Viristar, course registrations from your promotion are credited to you, and you can retain a portion of course tuition.




Savings for Participants, Revenue for You


Viristar agrees to make the course available through Viristar Partners at a cost lower than the standard rate listed on the Viristar website.


You then select the cost you list for the course. It’s completely up to you. Options include:  


  • Greatest Discount. You can pass on the entire discount to participants, providing the course at a very attractive, highly discounted price.


  • Highest Revenue per Enrollment. You can offer the course at list price, retaining as revenue the entire markup from the Viristar Partner discounted rate.


  • Discount + Revenue. You can set the price anywhere in between the list price and the Viristar Partner discount price. This provides both a discount for the participant and also revenue for you.


Example: For instance, suppose Viristar normally sells a course for $10 per participant.  (All numbers are hypothetical, for illustration purposes only.) We agree to accept a lower rate of $8 for every participant you bring to the course. You set your list price. If, for example, you list the price as $9, the participant pays $9, receiving an attractive discount off the regular price. Viristar receives $8 and you retain $1 per enrollment.

You Promote. Viristar Handles the Rest.


You don’t have to deal with curriculum, service delivery, or certification—Viristar handles it all.


You don’t have to handle the sales (purchase) transaction either. But you can if you want. For example, you might wish to bundle a Viristar training with your annual conference, and sell them as a package through your website.


It’s easy. There are no minimums on open enrollment courses, no complex technical requirements. Simply reach out to your network and share these valuable training opportunities.


With Viristar’s Partner Program, you can help more people gain essential skills in risk management. And you may more than cover your investment in promotion, and earn a return to support your organization’s programs and mission. 

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AEE is proud to partner with Viristar to provide outdoor risk management training to our membership. We are always looking for ways to help our members grow, and by partnering with Viristar, we have been able to offer valuable training to our community. Jeff and his staff are truly a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership.


Anna Miano, Membership & Marketing Manager,

Association for Experiential Education

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